Life and Stress

My first year of university starts next week, and there is definitely some correlation between this fact and my rising level of stress.

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Shakespeare and Sophocles

I. Love. Books. And I have some amazing books in my shelf that I wanted to share with the world. I do not, unfortunately, own all of my favourite books because I read a lot of library books and there are many hidden gems that I have read and forgotten about because I never saw them again. I also live in a family of readers so some of my favourite books (for instance, the entire Harry Potter series) are sitting on my sisters’ shelves. That being said, I have developed quite the collection and my bookshelf has filled up (despite only representing a fraction of the books I have read) enough that I spent a few hours reorganizing.


Now there is a kind of order to my books; one that makes sense to me at least. There are sections like reference books, historical fiction, poetry, drama, and fairy tales. Fantasy is the biggest section and I even have a spot for borrowed books. So without further ado, my favourite books (that I own and that happened to be on my shelf the day that I took pictures): Continue reading “Shakespeare and Sophocles”

Mountains and Skyscrapers

It is a week after Canada Day, which is quite possibly my second favourite holiday (after Christmas), and I thought that it would really be a shame if I did not throw together something to celebrate the formation of this beautiful land that I call my home. I considered talking about Canadian food, something that I am always down to talk about, but I’ll save that for another day. Instead, I’m going to take this opportunity to share some photos of the amazing places in Alberta that I have visited, because I believe that it is an important reminder that I never have to go to far away from home to find beauty.

This was taken amidst scrambling over hoodoos near Drumheller

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Chemicals and Skincare: How to Treat your Skin Kindly

I first started wearing makeup when I was 14 out of a desire to hide my acne, what I didn’t figure out until years later was that working to get rid of the problem is a better solution than just covering it up. This philosophy works for many things, but especially for faces. Often I don’t even have the choice to cover up because I tend to get gross, red, painful pimples that manage to peek out through all layers of concealer. So, over the years, I have put more and more effort into skincare and have learned the value of being nice to my face. Here is what I’ve learned: Continue reading “Chemicals and Skincare: How to Treat your Skin Kindly”

Instant Ramen and Art


I have a recipe and some thoughts to share.

So I went to “The Works” arts and design festival downtown today, and it was super inspiring and hopeful. The first tent that we meandered into had art that explored relations between Indigenous Canadians and Canadian history; I was really excited to see art done by more modern artists because it, to me, feels like Indigenous identity and expression is being allowed to shine in a modern setting and not restricted to what people expect Indigenous art should look like.


We, my sisters and I, were also pleasantly surprised to see a large tent with an exhibit that addressed the need to put away stereotypes about Canadian immigrants. Seriously, they need to be put pack into the xenophobic box that they were released from, locked up tight, and thrown into the river because this city has a spectacular water treatment facility and will get rid of that trash.

Can’t take credit for this photo, Laura took it.

The whole festival, but in particular those two exhibits, really gave me hope for our city. Maybe we’ll start treating everyone around us like actual human beings, wouldn’t that be lovely?

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Plants and Progress

I’ve always loved plants. As long as I can remember my mom has gardened and our yard has become a glorious mess of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Camping among trees and ferns has always been a favourite activity of mine and when I draw I often gravitate towards flower sketches. That being said, I’ve always been able to appreciate plants without having to put in work to grow them and keep them healthy. That’s what moms are for, and by “moms” I mean my mom and mother nature.

So now I’m getting to a point in my life where I have to make all sorts of decisions about my job, my school, student loans/scholarships, etc., and I’ve decided that becoming a plant mom is a good exercise in responsibility and accountability. Plants don’t give you immediate gratification but take effort to produce long-term rewards, and if it dies it is entirely your responsibility.

Newt and Fred: my cute little plant buds

I think that I could do with a lesson in commitment, be it a plant or a blog. Someone once told me that my habit of leaving TV shows half finished was an indicator of my ability to commit, but I figured that while I may easily lose interest in Supernatural after the fourth season, I stick to my commitments when it really counts.

So here goes my attempt at committing to something that will take time and effort, but that I am genuinely interested in and excited to do. A blog is closer to being a friend that I want to keep up to date rather than a TV series that will always be there, ready to jump back into; hopefully my loyalty instincts will kick in and stop me from neglecting it.

Anyway, here’s a smattering of my plant photos:

All photos taken by me. Uncaptioned photos and feature photo taken at the Muttart Conservatory.